The Royek Legacy

In 1902, Jakub Rojek (Alan's great grandfather) immigrated to the United States from Poland via Ellis Island. Nineteen years later, in 1921, he settled at the familiar farmhouse and red barn on top of South Center Street hill known today as Royek Dairy Farm. This homestead was where he and his wife, Teresa, raised their children: Stanley, Eleanor, Anna Mary, Edward, and Walter Steven. Walter Steven (Alan's grandfather) operated the farm as a dairy farm (also working for Raymond Manufacturing) for many years until his death in 1978.

Upon his passing, his only son, Walter Joseph (Alan's father), began to farm after his graduation in 1980, mentored by many other local farmers. Over the years, Walter and his wife, Lisa, updated the farm and purchased additional land. The farm you see today is a result of much dedication and hard-work from these three generations as well as the fourth - Lyndsey, Alan, Annie, and Curtis. Growing up, the Royek children spent much of their time at the barn, caring for their animals and learning the importance of hard-work and responsibility.

From a very young age, Alan grew to love farming alongside his father. With Alan's passion for this lifestyle, he and his wife, Alyssa, have joined Walter and Lisa to carry on the family's legacy. Today, Royek Dairy Farm is home to about 150 dairy cattle – 60 of which are milking cattle, who produce approximately 3,000 pounds of milk daily. The Royek’s farm about 200 acres of land and grow their own feed for their cattle. The farm has recently been designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture as a Century Farm, meaning it has been in the same family and farmed for at least 100 years. It is also classified as a Dairy of Distinction, meaning it has been recognized as a well-kept farmstead that illustrates a positive image of the dairy industry in Pennsylvania.

Alan and Alyssa have also created their own branch of the Royek legacy – Till Top Creamery. In 2019, the vision known today as Till Top Creamery began - direct marketing our family's cows' milk locally to consumers, like you. In 2021, Till Top Creamery truly began to take life as Alan and Alyssa purchased a facility, renovations began, and milk processing equipment was purchased.

In June of 2022, Till Top Creamery opened its doors. The milk produced by Till Top Creamery is pasteurized and features a natural layer of cream at the top of the bottle, known as creamline or non-homogenized milk. By processing our own milk on a small scale, our products are processed and stocked on the shelves much faster than those in typical grocery stores – ensuring the freshest products possible for you to enjoy. 

The Story Behind the Name

As you may know, Royek Dairy Farm is located at the top of South Center Street hill, which is one of the highest elevation points in Erie County. Where does till come from though? Well, the soil at our farm is formed from glacial till. Glacial till is the sediment left behind by the glaciers that once covered our land thousands of years ago. It seems that all aspects of the farm and our creamery rely on the land in some way. If the land is so important to us, it only seems appropriate to "tip our hat" and give it credit in our name.