Our COW-workerS

Our cows are more than just animals. They are our cow-workers and play a vital role in our products. Without them, our creamery would not exist as their milk is what makes our products what they are.

Take a Look at one of our cow-worker's life at Royek Dairy Farm!

  • I was born right here at the farm. For the first couple weeks of my life, I was bottle fed milk from my mom. I then learned to drink my milk from a bucket. I loved to run and jump around in my pen.

  • As I continued to grow, I was fed hay and grain. Eventually, I was moved to another barn at the farm - the heifer barn, which had three different pens that I was moved up through as I grew.

  • When I was large enough, I was moved to a pasture outside during the summer months. This is also where I had my first calf.

  • Just like humans, my milk production began after having my calf. From this point on, I am milked twice a day - until it is time for me to calve again. Leading up to when I am due, I stop producing milk to take a two month vacation before my next calf.

  • Outside of milking times, I spend much of my time in the freestall barn. I usually can be found lounging in my sand-bedded stall - it is like relaxing in the sand at the beach! The sand provides me with a clean stall as well as a comfortable place to sleep.

  • Weather permitting, I am given the opportunity to enjoy my days outside in the sunshine. I love grazing and sunbathing in the pasture. But if I get too hot, I am able to return back to the barn whenever I want.

  • I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you this but I also am fed twice a day! The farmers make a delicious mix of corn silage, haylage, and grain for me to eat throughout the day. Yes, that's right, I can go back for more if I get hungry. The farmers always keep a lot of feed out for us to enjoy!

  • Throughout the summer and fall months, I often watch the farmers cultivate and harvest various different crops that I then get to eat.

  • My life here at Royek Dairy Farm is quite enjoyable! I hope you enjoy my milk - it's been a pleasure making it for you!