Providing Quality Products to Build a Quality Community

Till Top Creamery offers high-quality farm fresh products from our very own milk & cheese curds to a variety of other local farmers' goods. Each product available on site is sourced as local as possible to provide you & your family with the freshest & nutritious products possible.

Our Milk is a Superfood for You!

By utilizing milk just how it comes from our cows & minimal processing techniques, we are able to provide you with a high-quality, flavorful product that is easier to digest.

  • Through the pasteurization process, milk, directly as it comes from our cows, is heated according to state and federal requirements to remove any potentially harmful microorganisms, allowing us to create a safe product for you.

  • Creamline (often referred to as non-homogenized) milk allows the cream found in milk to separate to the top as the fat droplets are not emulsified. This natural process allows for easier digestibility. Remember separation is natural - shake your milk well to redistribute the cream prior to pouring yourself a glass.

  • Whole milk is naturally 97% fat free - and the fat that it does contain is so good for you & your health! There are also 21 minerals, 13 vitamins, & 8 grams of protein in a 8oz glass of milk! For more information, visit