Whole Milk

Our milk is transported directly from our family's dairy farm to the creamery where it is pasteurized according to state and federal requirements, and features a natural layer of cream at the top of the bottle, known as creamline or non-homogenized milk. As separation is natural, consumers must shake the product well before drinking to redistribute the cream throughout the milk.

12 oz - $1.50

32 oz - $2.50

96 oz - $6.00

Flavored Milk

Our flavored milk follows the same process as described above. Chocolate is a regular flavor and is always available, while additional flavors are seasonal and rotate.

At this time, only one seasonal flavor is available at a time. These include: Cookies & Cream, Egg Nog, Orange Cream, Root Beer, and Strawberry.

12 oz - $1.75

32 oz - $3.00

96 oz - $6.75

  • Our cheddar cheese curds begin as raw milk from our family's dairy cows.

  • It is then pasteurized and the cheese making process begins. An enzyme is added to milk, causing the milk to curdle into curd. From here, the whey, liquid byproduct from the curdling process, is drained and the cheddaring process begins, eventually resulting in our cheddar cheese curds.

    Each container is about 8 oz.


  • Various seasoning packets are also available, allowing you to give them a little extra flavor of your choosing.

  • We proudly serve Hershey's Hand Dipped Ice Cream. We offer 16 flavors that are constantly changing so make sure to come in and see what's available in the cabinet frequently. We also offer milkshakes that are made with Till Top Creamery milk.

  • Our milkshakes are unique as you can create your own special twist on it. First, choose your 3 scoops of ice cream (can be 3 different flavors). Then, choose a milk of your choice - white, chocolate, or our third rotating flavor.

  • Pearl Valley Cheese is a family owned manufacturer of award winning natural cheeses located in Fresno, Ohio.

  • Cheese:

    Marble 12 oz Mini Wheel - $6.50

    Colby 12 oz Mini Wheel - $6.50

    Pepper Jack 12 oz Mini Wheel - $6.50

    Swiss 12 oz Block - $6.50


    Amish Rolled Butter:

    1# - $6.50

    2# - $12.50

  • Pearl Valley Cheese provides us with Amish Country's finest butter. It is hand rolled, by real people, into wax paper.

  • Our neighboring friends at Sweet Traditions tap trees right in Corry, many of which are located on our family farm.

    Gallon - $48

    Half Gallon - $28

    Quart - $18

    Pint - $12

    Half Pint - $7

  • Maple Covered Almonds - $4

    Maple Covered Walnuts - $4

    Maple Covered Peanuts - $6

    Maple Covered Pecans - $7

    Maple Cotton Candy - $2

    Maple Candy Container - $12

    Maple Candy (Pack of 2) - $1

  • Maple BBQ Sauce (Habanero or Blackberry) - $5

    Maple Cream (1/2#) - $8

    Maple Cream (1#) - $14

    Maple Mustard - $8

    Maple Apple Butter - $5

  • Bourbon Maple Syrup (Large) - $20

    Bourbon Maple Syrup (Medium) - $12

    Bourbon Maple Syrup (Small) - $6

    Cinnamon Maple Syrup - $10

    Birch Syrup (3.4 oz) - $11

  • All canned goods are $6 a jar.

    Banana Pepper Relish

    Black Bean & Corn Salsa

    Blueberry Jam

    Bread & Butter Pickle Relish

    Bread & Butter Pickles

    Chili Sauce

    Corn Relish

  • Dilly Beans

    Elderberry Jelly

    Hot Dilly Beans

  • Hot Pepper Jam

    Hot Pepper Mustard

    Hot Pepper Relish

    Hot Salsa

    Mango Salsa

    Mild Pepper Mustard

    Mild Salsa

  • No Sugar Elderberry Jelly

    No Sugar Seedless Raspberry Jelly

    No Sugar Strawberry Jam

  • Old-Fashioned Dill Pickles

    Orange Marmalade

    Pickled Beets

    Razzleberry Jam

    Red Raspberry Jam

    Seedless Blackberry Jam

    Strawberry Jam

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

    Sweet Pepper Relish

    Zucchini Relish

  • Solid-View Farms is located in Titusville, PA and is owned by Jake and Casey Jones. They started their 100 acre farm in 2021 focusing on raising pigs, cows, and their own row crops including wheat, corn, and oats with their main focus on raising local pork products.  


    Prices Vary by Product & Cut

  • Steel Toe Farm, located in Girard, PA, has been raising chickens and other animals on their small farm since 2019. They pride themselves in providing their animals with locally sourced feed to provide the best food possible for the lcoal community.

  • Prices Vary by Cut

  • Their chickens spend their days in mobile tractors making their way around their pasture, fertilizing the soil and absorbing the earth's nutrients, just as nature intended until they are ready for your dinner table!

  • The Johnson Family has been farming their slice of Heaven in Warren, PA for over 100 years. Today, Colter and Paige, fourth generation farmers, focus on crops and raising high-quality beef.

  • All grass and grain fed to their cows is naturally fertilized, planted, grown, and harvested on Hem-View land.

  • Hem-View Farms beef is processed locally at USDA Certified Steven's Brothers LLC located in Panama, NY.

    1# - $6

  • Hillside provides us with local beef out of Spartansburg, PA.


    Prices Vary by Product & Cut

  • Enjoy a great snack with beef sticks and beef jerky to a perfect steak to grill on a warm summer night and roasts for a cold night.

  • International Bakery, from Erie, stocks us with fresh homemade pepperoni balls and pepperoni bread for you to enjoy.

  • Pepperoni Balls - $6

    Pepperoni Bread - $6

  • We have partnered with Barista's Roast, also located in Corry, PA. We sell a few blends of their coffee at the creamery and they utilize our milk in their specialty drinks at their coffee shop.

  • 1# Bag - $12

  • Some of the different blends of their's we offer are brazil, breakfast, and sumatra. All three blends are available ground or as whole beans.

  • The honey that we sell is collected from bees our uncle keeps at our family farm. It is raw and unfiltered. We love the honey that our honey bees work so hard to make for us to enjoy.


    We offer varieties based on the season:

    Fruit Tree, Goldenrod, and Wildflower

    1# Jar - $10

    2# Jar - $18

  • We also have a variety of honey sticks:

    Apple - Banana - Cinnamon - Cherry - Clover - Lemon - Orange - Peach - Pina Colada - Raspberry - Root Beer - Sour Blue Raspberry - Strawberry -Watermelon

    1 Stick - 50 cents

    9 Sticks - $3

    12 Sticks - $5

    25 Sticks - $10

  • The Kipp's provide us with delicious homemade apple butter and grape juice concentrate from Chambersburg, PA. Zach Kipp's grandfather spent many of his days producing and selling his apple butter until the end of his life in 2002. Unfortunately, as with many family recipes, he never saw the need to write it down. To keep grandfather's legacy alive, Zach crafted his own recipe and system to carry on the legacy.

  • Apple Butter (Half Pint) - $4

    Apple Butter (Pint) - $7

    Grape Juice Concentrate (Quart) - $10

  • Their grape juice is made using a steaming process that extracts the juice from freshly harvested Pennsylvania concord grapes. This juice is rich and bold. The recommended mixing ratio is 1:1 with water or for something extra special, mix with ginger ale instead. Hymns and Hers is keeping good things good!

  • Loose Leaf Teas - $9 per 1 cup bag

    Chai - Cold & Flu - Mint Medley - Soothing Nerve - Stomach Soother

  • The stewards of Quiet Creek Herb Farm, located in Brookville, PA, focus their mission on increasing public awareness of conservation, ecological thinking, and healthful sustainable living. Lush gardens of organic vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers stretch across their farm, allowing them to craft a variety of all-natural products.

  • Seasonings - $9 per 1 cup bag

    Herb Butter - Italian Herb - Lemon Herb - Meatloaf Mix - Poultry Herb - Ranch Dressing

  • Salves & Lip Balm - $8

    Anti-Inflammatory - Arnica - Arthritis - Cold Sore - Eczema - Healing - Pine Sap - Peppermint Lip Balm

  • Al-By Farm, located in Union City, PA, began milking LaMancha goats in 2012. Soon after, they began making all-natural goat's milk soap.

  • They strive to use ingredients that are readily available, sustainable, and sourced as local as possible. Their products are made with pure essential oils. They feel great about what's in their products and you can too. Lather up!

  • Hand Soap Bar - $5.75

    Body Butter - $15

    Kitchen Dish Block - $13.50

  • Located in Erie, PA, Candle Box is the areas leading provider of handmade coconut wax candles. Each of their candles are hand-poured.

  • Mason Jar Candles - $18

  • They believe that candles are deeply personal as a candle sets a tone for the moments we relish: an intimate experience, an extra special occasion, a spiritual journey, or a quiet, relaxing evening at home.

  • Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, Peanuts, Raisins, Coconut, and Sponge Candy

  • Peterson's Candies of Busti, NY specialize in a variety of delicious chocolates. All of the confections of theirs that we carry are made on-site in their Candy Kitchen with locally-sourced materials.


    Prices Vary by Item

  • Chocolate Suckers - Calves, Pigs, Chickens, Barns, and Tractors

  • Gramma's Orchard Alpaca Farm has alpacas that they shear, making socks out of the fibers. The socks are great for keeping your feet warm and the Backpaca are perfect for hiking!

  • Outdoorsman Alpaca Socks - $25

    The Survival Alpaca Socks - $22

    Backpaca Alpaca Socks - $18

  • Sizes

    Onesies: $13

    Child: $13

    Adult: $15

    Long Sleeve Adult: $20

    Personalization by The Apple Basket of North East in North East, PA